WTF is (my) Skin Type?

Alright glam readers, we hit the second posting! Woopie !! šŸŽ‹
Before we get into any great detail about anything glam related. Let’s talk about finding (getting to know) your skin type.
Skin is in people! Literally. That’s all what the social-meds seems to be posting about these days. For all good reason of coarse! Well, I would like to think so. Because we ALL know how the socials are now-a-days, lol.
Any who, without knowing your skin type, it will honestly be difficult af to get the best results out of the products your using. So let’s get it poppin ladies & gentlemen,

first & foremost
Remember these THREE Facial Zones āš ļø !!!
1. T – Zone
2. E – Zone
3. C – Zone

Your “T – Zone” is made up of the central part of your face. Which is your forehead, nose and chin. (it’s not rocket science)
Your “E – Zone” is our paper-thin skin directly underneath our eyes. Always dedicating it’s own life to either show some form of fatigue, no matter how many days you’ve hibernated or deciding again on its own, to crease our full coverage concealer.
And your “C – Zone” is basically your temples and cheeks. (Damn I hate those pimples there)

From a reliable source (my dermatologist) there are generally 5 Skin Types. Below I produced a small and easy to read list with major key (DJ Khaled voice) points about each one.

1. Normal – This would be considered either the flawless Kim Kardashian (fully pampered and nourished at its finest by the gods) skin or on the border line of a combination skin. “Hypothetically” blemish free, radiant, minimal pores; inserting an Alicia Keys image here; I crack up with the nonsense I come up with, lol.

2. Combination – The universal skin type. Literally everyone and there mother had this skin type at some point in their lives. Like how can you guys forget our fresh out the oven buttery glazed, almost transforming into a “Popeyes biscuits” ass T – Zone. With our pores profusely providing everyone’s undivided attention, like Meek Mills high waters jeans. While your C-Zone is chilling in the back seat.

3. Oily – Otherwise known as the Krispy Kreme original doughnut. Just kidding, (but if you haven’t had there glazed doughnuts, I beg you, go try them, it’s phenomenal, almost extraterrestrial) Anyways, oily skin is usually and unfortunately prone to getting acne.

4. Dry – Or how my skin enjoys being on a daily basis. Dull, dehydrated, cracked, and when it feels like it, shedding into snowflakes, especially around the nose area.

5. Sensitive – Ehh, my dermatologist stated that sometimes this could be considered more as a “skin condition” rather than a “skin type”. Still an argument till this day, but I beg to differ, I consider it a type. And sensitive skin is very prone into getting allergic reactions. And compared to the other skin types, reacts more drastically to the environment.

Now that you know what the skin types are. You can jump into how to find out what your skin is all about. There are multiple tests! BUT the most accurate test is to just let your skin rock a whole day, with a simple cleanse at night, and examining your skin the very next morning. Just keep a sharp eye on it throughout the testing. From there you can determine what skin type you really have! See simple & easy!

I also want to note the gray line between skin type and skin condition. To sum everything up into very small words, your type of skin is linked to your genetic makeup and your hormonal makeup. A skin condition it defined as a reaction affecting the skin. Examples like acne, hyper-pigmentation, rosacea, and sensitized skin are a few.

To wrap things up, I wanted you guys to remember these *skin tips!
Your skin changes throughout different stages in your life.
Be careful with over sun-exposure which can directly result in dryness and fine lines. (no one wants prune skin)
Remember that certain skin care products can cause a change in your skin. (so always be aware when testing out new products)
& Not every product is for everybody, o.k ?

Take the skin movement as you please, just do your thang, and as usual stay GLAM . (snaps fingers with *glitter) šŸŒ»

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