Let’s sit down & get your Undertone(s) down .

So what’s the tea about our skin’s surface-tones & its undertones?

Wait what? I know what’s your thinking. “What is this chick talking about”? She said “surface tone and I was gone”. Trust me, I’ll make it #basic, you’ll understand and sound like a pro in no time.

Join the the club, as I crack down a simplified guideline in helping you find your tone!

Let’s start out with knowing what is your surfacetone? This usually can be described as what do you see yourself as? In that case, are you ivory, light, medium, tan, dark, or deep dark? Your undertone is the subdued underlined pigment (basically your colour underneath the surface of your skin)

Note, that you can have the same skin colour as someone but might have opposite undertones. (mind blower I know) There are THREE Undertones, which I believe everyone should have an idea about now:
1. Warm – Hitting peachy, olive, yellow and golden tones
2. Cool – Hitting rosy, bluish, and violet tones
3. Neutral – Hitting a combination and a balance of both

Testing time! Always use natural lighting when examining your skin because a modified or artificial lighting source shall and will *always interfere with the appearance of your skin tone.

Here are 2 tried & true tests to try at home! ✨

(There are more tests for you to try out out (scoop the realms of Google), but these I found to be the most accurate)

  1. The Vein Test – Check out the veins on the inside of your wrists. (Remember *always in natural lighting) How do they look? What color are they? If they pop as a bluish/purple tone then your a cool tone. If they pop as a green colour, than your most likely a warm tone. And if you can’t tell if there either blue or green, you have a neutral undertone. See? Easy!
  2. The Jewelry Test – For this test bring out some silver and gold jewelry. And if you don’t happen to have any, check your mom’s closet or something, lol. Holding up the jewelry with a BARE face, look into the mirror to see which metal enhances your skin more. If the silver blends in more, then your cool. If gold, then you’re warm. And if both are flattering to your complexion, your neutral.

With those tests out of the way, you should have an idea of what your undertone is. So let’s dive into the realms of foundation. Without a doubt, it’s a daunting and soul taking task. Just going to any makeup counter, either trying to find it yourself or asking an associate who really has no care, besides the end of there shift. And with the endless options to choose from, I can already feel the headache coming on. When browsing around the next cosmetic store you choose to have a romantic stroll in, always keep a sharp eye out for 🔑 words. Remember when I mentioned surface-tones? That’s *exactly what your looking for! Keep those peepers out for names like Golden – meaning warm and Beige – meaning neutral, for example. When testing your options you always and I repeat *always want to test them on your jawline. Your goal is to match with your neck and chest. You want to achieve that seem-less flow of color. Pro-makeup artists would tell you if it disappears from your face to your neck, you got your foundation match. (big thumbs up)

The last thing that I wanted to mention to you guys was the debacle of the MAC foundations. If you didn’t know MAC works there foundation spectrum the complete opposite way to the rest of the 🌎. As many of you guys know already, the MAC color system is divided into NC and NW tones. NC (neutral cool) for warm and yellow undertones, while NW (neutral warm) is for cool and pink undertones. Why did make decide to be different? Well, the world may never know. (insert owl from tootsie pop commercial here) To make it easy for you guys, it helps to think of NC as “NOT cool” and NW as totally “NOT warm”, like seriously? #wtf

Everyone’s skin is made up with a multitude of colours. And there is a prefect match for you out there, trust me, you just trail and error fifty million times :), before you do, and it’s okay. HOWEVER, if you guys want to take a small step further (to finding it faster) then go check out Findation.com, which will help you list a few matches from a huge selection of brands. I tried it out a few times, and it’s a great place to start. If not, walk into a Sephora which carries the Color IQ and give that a go. Personally I didn’t think they got my color match quite right, but worth a try. And if not that! I definitely urge you (if you want to splurge) go check out Lancômes: Le Teint Partculier Custom Foundation (this has a light to medium coverage btw) Lancôme manufactured a glorious piece of technology that can basically match ***ANY skin tone. I heard its revolutionary! I also heard it’s a whooping $80.00. Which to me personally, sounds like a pretty decent deal, especially with that fact that it comes with the entire consultation and experience. I’ll put a link below where you can find some headquarters near you to test it out!

ANDDDDDDD this draw us to the end of the post! Always feel free to get any discussion poppin. And y’all know the deal, stay GLAM! 🔮

Find your Perfect Match !

Lancôme: Le Teint Partculier Custom Foundation

via photo: @nardyparty – Verve Coffee Roasters, L.A