About Blog: About Me

Hello! Welcome to my first ever blog entry. Still roughly new at this, so bare with me in the struggles, lol.
My full government name is Kassandra Isabel Jimenez de Serrano. Trust me I know what your thinking – “can she be ANYMORE Hispanic?” Especially when she wrote “government”, haha. And well, I can be when I want too.
I am at the tender age of still enjoying a box of chicken nuggets and French fries; *cough cough, I’m 21. And yup, I’m married. I couldn’t think of anything better to say after that, except for some fine words of wisdom from Wiz Khalifa, “many said we were to young to love, but maybe they’re just too old to remember”, usually after I tell people that I get a, “true” with an agreeable head nod. I love every square inch of my partner/husband (Michael). He’s a pretty cool dude. And yes, we have a child together… a fur child that is! Haha got cha. Lechuga otherwise known as Lettuce, our Yorker-Schnauzer mix poopers. (I know that’s not a word, but as you learn to know me, I always make up new words with no initial real reason behind it) Most babied dog you’ll ever meet. He’s my bundle of happiness. #dogmomlife
Anyways, I don’t want to get to too side-tracked, so let’s talk GLAM. Your home girl fell face first into the GLAM WORLD when Michelle Phan skyrocketed and conquered the YouTube community back in 2007. Now if I’m doing my math correctly I was 11, and when I tell you I was so shook(eth) to my core, essence, and being, I was. Truly. Honestly. I knew at THAT MOMENT I found my true passion and love of my life. From there I began searching the deepest corners of the inter-web, absorbing any piece of information I can find. Not just any average article you can find in a magazine, I mean scoping any beauty related information, from the different cultures and social life’s around the world. Literally obsessed, till this day. Shit, I even discovered RuPaul. The extraordinaire, “the King of Queens” herself! (PS, if you don’t know her, get that checked, and if you ever read this RuPual, thank you for casually slaying every day, xoxo)
Anywho, now you know I love anything & everything associating with that GLAM LIFE. As to why I published this blog. Hopefully, my fun, unfiltered, and most likely controversial ass point of views will hopelessly be short, honest and direct. (Because lord knows my bank account don’t stretch like them repetitive and non-original Youtuber’s (no hate just facts lol))
My purpose for GLAMAZON is to ultimately guide all my GLAM readers into reliable insightful reviews into what your really fucking buying out here in these streets. Just kidding, obviously places like Sephora, Ulta, MAC, and blah blah blah blah blah, you get it. Let’s not get scammed out here! Okay? Let’s all put out hands together in out minds and say a “NOT TODAY”, every time we see something sketchy in the beauty community.
In conclusion (remember back in high school we ALL fucking ended our essays like this LOL; what trash) Thank you for reading & visiting. Always feel free to comment & contribute anything your hearts desire. Always down to hear(read) others opinions! It’s all about self-learning and growing around here. So no nonsense people.
As usual remember to get your chakras in check.
& PEACE OUT ☮️ Love you guys 🌻